All Saints and St Mary's

The Parish of Crondall and Ewshot

View from the Vicarage (Feb 2018)


Dear Friends,

I recently attended a three day conference on spiritual growth, run by a team of really interesting and inspirational leaders. Over the three days we shared prayer, numerous thought provoking discussions, worship, amazing food and the occasional very lovely bottle of Malbac! There was a wide range of churchmanship represented- quite why they had to change the tune of ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ or add extra guitar strums into ‘Praise my soul the king of heaven’ I will never know, but there was a shared love of God and will to grow spiritually. We were different- very in some cases- but actually all the same!

This all reminded me of the numerous times people say to me ‘ I am a good Christian, so why do I need to go to church?’ The answer is we don’t! But it is SO much easier to be inspired and encouraged when surrounded by fellow Christians! That’s why I came back from that conference bouncing! That’s what exploring our own spiritual journey should be like, as we bounce our experiences and ideas off one another, and explore the possibilities that lie ahead; as we encourage each other on our individual journeys through this life.

There are many opportunities to share with one another to help each other grow and to explore our faith questioning, unsure as we may feel. You won’t be alone if don’t feel good enough to embark on this God journey, or just don’t really get God. That’s what exploration is all about! So why not come along to one of these gatherings and explore what’s on offer? As well as our Sunday morning and evening services, we hold our informal 4 o’clock service every 1st and 3rd Sunday in All Saints at 4pm. We are holding a Start Course at the Vicarage after Easter to explore faith from ‘the beginning’. Our Bible Exploration Monday evening sessions are held monthly, and various house groups meet regularly. We are also launching our new All Saints Children’s Choir, who will sing at our 4pm service every 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon. Get in touch! Find out what’s going on! Come and join in! Helpers, caterers. readers and singers are always especially appreciated- there really is something for everyone!

Everyone is welcome, everyone belongs, so come and explore why we are like we are, what makes us tick, how faith can affect our lives. Come and experience the love and peace of God.  None of us is perfect, especially in church circles- that’s why folk go to church! None of us has all the answers, none of us has no questions- that’s the nature of being human and being part of this life thing! That’s the nature of faith journeying, where ever we find ourselves on the faith path. God really is there for us through all the ups and downs, when we feel he is near and especially when we feel he is far off. So come and explore! It’s never too late, and spring time is as good a time as any for new growth in us all.

Wishing you every blessing, and looking forward to exploring with you

Love from,

Revd Tara