All Saints and St Mary's

The Parish of Crondall and Ewshot

View from the Vicarage


Dear Friends,

Well it’s that time of year again! As the nights draw in and the evenings grow nippy, how long can we hold out before putting the heating on? As usual there has been great debate in the Vicarage on the advantages of wearing layers versus the comfort of having a warm radiator, in advance of our now traditional long playing game of thermostat tag, once the heating is actually turned on!

I love our changing seasons. There’s something reassuring about knowing that the leaves on the trees will soon become those vibrant orange and red colours, before they eventually fall to reveal the starkness of winter; then the snow; then snowdrops and the buds of spring which blossom into summer once again.

All this reflects the cycle of life. We are born and we die, and hopefully lots happens in between. But life does have its cycles, its joy and sadness, sunshine and rain. What is important is that we make the most of where we are now. We can plan for the future and reflect on the past, but the present is just that- a gift of God, given to each one of us, to make the most of, to share and to cherish.

So whatever is going on in our lives this autumn, let’s make the very most of the present, supporting those who are experiencing tough times, sharing the God-given gifts that we enjoy, as we celebrate the past, make the most of the present and look forward to opportunities that lie ahead of us.


Love from,

Revd Tara