Crondall WI

At present Crondall has 40 mostly mature ladies who have a wide variety of interests and talents. We are part of the local Hart Group of WIs. Monthly meetings take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2.15pm in the Crondall Village Hall. A speaker attends the majority of meetings with the exception of our summer (July) and Christmas meetings. Occasionally the members organise other activities in place of a formal speaker. Every meeting ends with a delicious tea organised by a group of members.

We also organise monthly activity groups such as Craft, Mahjong and Walking. In addition we support local charities such as the Vine Centre in Aldershot. We are loyal supporters of Hart Group and Hampshire WI events, eg. the Hampshire spring meeting at the Guildhall in Portsmouth and the autumn meeting at the Anvil in Basingstoke.

We also enjoy outings, such as to Salisbury, Savill Gardens and Chichester Cathedral Flower Festival.  Other outings have been more local, such as to Selborne, RMA Sandhurst and to the Watts Gallery at Compton.

Our local contact is Caryll Martin.