Services in All Saints, Crondall (AS) + St Mary's, Ewshot (SM)

SUNDAY 19th December- Advent 4

                                               8.00am  Holy Communion (BCP- said) AS

                                               9.30am  Parish Communion (CW- sung) AS + z + fb

                                             11.00am  Holy Communion (BCP- sung) SM

                                               4.00pm  Messy Christmas AS + z + fb

                                               6.30pm  Candle-lit Carol Service AS + z + fb

Please keep your mask on in church, when moving, sitting and singing

 and keep your distance from others.

Zoom code: 4942480953

To access the Advent Communion Service booklet used in the 9.30am service through Advent click here.

Weekly Sunday service pattern  

 8.00am - 

Holy Communion BCP Said - AS

                                                           9.30am  - 

Parish Communion Sung (CW) - AS, zoom & facebook 

 11.00am - 

Communion BCP Sung (1st & 3rd), Matins (2nd, 4th & 5th)SM 

 4.00pm - 

Informal Service - AS, zoom & facebook 

     6.30pm - 

Sung Evensong (BCP) -  AS, zoom & facebook 

Our churches are also open EVERY DAY from 10am to 5pm for private prayer.

             Weekday Services 

9am Morning Prayer on Zoom every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

 (zoom code 4942480953)

Baptisms and Weddings

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Rev Tara on 01252 851087.


Please contact Rev Tara Helllings to arrange a funeral service in our churches and/or local crematorium.